ZotEz2 / Zoo : Simply copying Zotero storage folder ?


I just installed ZotEz2 and Zoo on Android. Library is synced through Zotero account, which works fine.

However, for attachments I just copied my desktop Zotero storage folder to Android (through Syncthing synchronization) and set the apps to look at correct path : On ZotEz2, attachments are well listed but I get "File not found" on all of them. On Zoo, most attachments work fine, but often attachments are partially or completely missing.

Have some of you managed to use Zotero storage folder on those apps ?

Thanks !
  • To whom it may ever help (not many, according to the answers given here), I found a workaround for Zoo :

    Don't ask me why, to get access to documents that were missing on Android, I followed this procedure on Zotero Desktop :

    Drag pdf file out of concerned item.

    Sync library (green circle arrow at the top-right of the screen)

    Drag pdf back to its item.

    Sync library.

    Now document should appear.

    Still no explanation and no answer from ZotEz2 support.
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