Separating Literature from Archive in Word Bibliography?

This question may have been answered already, but I haven't found it, thanks for you understanding:

I have worked a lot in archives (company archives, state archives etc) and in my publication, working with Word, I would like to separate the bibliography from the primary sources obtained in those archives. The field is broadly speaking: History and I have seen this separation a lot in publications.

How do I achieve this with Zotero?

Thanks a lot in advance.

  • Do all of your archival sources have information in the Archive and Location in Archive fields?
  • I noted the name of the Archive in the Archive field (without any additional formatting or tags or so)
  • What style are you using?
  • Okay, you want to add this macro:

    <macro name="archive-sort"/>
    <if variable="archive">
    <text value="1"/>
    <text value="2"/>

    Then, at the top of the “sort” section of the bibliography section, add
    <key macro="archive-sort"/>

    This will sort your bibliography first by archival vs not, then by the other sort criteria. You will need to add separate bibliography headings for the two lists after you are done writing and click the Unlink Citations button to disconnect your document from Zotero.
  • This works basically great, thanks!

    Unfortunately whenever I use the "extra" field for adding the specific type (e.g. "archive"), my stylesheet only shows Author Name and Title, and omits other info such as place, archive, year. As soon as I empty the "extra" field, these fields get shown.
  • To answer my own question: according to the "type" variable in the extra field overrides the type, effectively creating new types.

    these new types then have to be included in the formatting section of the csl.
  • If you are citing a whole archival collection, set that “type” to be “collection”. That’s the official type added for archives in CSL 1.0.2
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