Restore a deleted collection?

  • Hey @bphillips79 it is a real bummer. I wish they were able to implement an undelete of a collection. I too end up using the unfiled items, but what a nightmare. Hope they can figure out a way to do it.
  • Restoring deleted collections is planned for a future version
  • @bwiernik that's great news!!! It's going to be a massive time/stress saver. Thanks!
  • @rickus - Thank you so much! Straightforward and worked like a charm.

    Zotero folks - Is this really so hard to implement? It's only been 5 1/2 years since this issue was raised....
  • I followed the directions @rickus suggested, which are also in zotero documentation. The "save me" collection contained all the references in the main folder, but did not contain any of the subfolders and references within. So, unfortunately, I am still missing the bulk of the accidentally deleted references, which represent years of work pertaining to critical research and teaching projects.

    I'm now concerned that I have irretrievably altered my backup file, and these reference collections are permanently lost. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • @rein0050: It's the exact same process to restore any collection. If you deleted the original collection and all its subcollections, you have to duplicate the entire hierarchy after restoring from the backup to preserve that after a sync.
    I'm now concerned that I have irretrievably altered my backup file
    Our instructions say to make a copy of the backup files. Did you do that? You should be able to tell from file timestamps when the backup files are from in order to try again. Make a backup of all the zotero.sqlite* files you see before doing anything else, and don't sync until you've actually duplicated the entire collection hierarchy you want to keep.
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