Feed Zotero with complete APA citation in one field

is ist possible, to feed Zotero with complete existing APA citations?

My point is: I have the correkt citations for most of my sources because google scholar has it – so it seems to be really complicated to fill in every item separately by building my zotero library.
It would be so cool, I could only feed Zotero with the complete APA citations.

All I need is the connection of my citations to word and the actualisation.

Is it possible, or possible by any work-around?

Many thanks in advance!!!
  • You can import easily from Google Scholar if that helps, simply by using the Save to Zotero button.

    Otherwise, if the APA citation is actually complete, i.e. includes the DOI (which, alas, it wouldn't typically as produced by google), you can use the DOI to import items
  • https://anystyle.io can parse formatted citations for import. Install the DOI Manager plugin and it will retrieve DOIs after import. As adamsmith notes, Google Scholar generally has very poor metadata, so you will want to check each item for errors after importing (eg, missing authors, misspelled titles, book chapters imported as journal articles).
  • Thanks a lot, you two saved all my problems, wow!

    Have a nice evening or whatever time it is where you are,
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