Collection and subcollection

When using zotero, I want to use subcollection as a classification of papers from collection. However, after classifying I can still see all of the papers from the collection, and in this way I cannot make sure whether I have classified all of the papers into subcollections, at the same time I cannot see which have not been classified. In zotero ios beta I can see a setting called 'show items from subcollections'. I thought it could solve my problem, but when I change the setting, it did not work. As a result, is it possible to offer a setting of whether to show items from subcollections in the view of collection which can work, both in windows and ios?
  • Not really sure what you're saying here. Collections are like photo albums or music playlists — items can appear in one or more, but they always show up in My Library. That's the basic design of all library-based apps.

    You can see items not in any collections in Unfiled Items.

    "Show Items from Subcollections" shows items in a collection if the item appears in any descendant collections of that collection.
  • For example, I have a collection named PLM, with a subcollection named PLM Models. In PLM I collect some papers, and I want to put those about models in the subcollection. After holding down shift and move the items to PLM Models, I can still see them in the PLM collection. In fact, for convenience when classifying papers, I want to have model papers only be seen in PLM Models subcollection and cannot be seen in PLM collection. Have I stated my requirement clearly?
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    I have solved.
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