Reference not formatting correctly

Zotero is formatting some of the references in my list the wrong way.


Jahani, E. et al. Exposure to common enemies can increase political polarization: Evidence from a cooperation experiment with automated partisans. . (2020)

The year should come after the authors, and it should include the DOI. It does format most of the references correctly, just a few are out of whack. And the information is inputted correctly in Zotero as far as I can tell.
  • Which citation style and what item types is that?
  • Trends in Cognitive Science. I'm trying to cite a preprint, which according to the author guidelines should look as follows:

    Preprints: please give authors’ names (if two authors, print both names separated by ‘and’; if three or more authors, use et al. after first author); date (in parentheses); title (in roman text); preprint server and publishing date; and web address.

    For example: Bastos, A.M. et al. (2020) Neural effects of propofol-induced unconsciousness and its reversal using thalamic stimulation. bioRxiv. Published online July 7, 2020. 10.1101/2020.07.07.190132

    I tried classifying the type as manuscript, journal article, and report, and none of them worked.
  • The appropriate type for a preprint is Report, then add ‘Type: article’ to Extra. That will be moved to a Preprint type once Zotero has one.

    This style isn’t particularly complete and needs to be updated.
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