PDF Reader Wish List

Love the new direction of Zotero with the PDF reader and notes editor.

After using the PDF Reader for a few weeks, for me to switch from PDF Expert, here are a few must-haves:
- Rotate page -- often need to quickly rotate a table from handscape to portrait when reading. Cmd-R and Cmd-L seem to be common conventions.
- Change default highlight and pen colors. I use diff. colors for different meanings so need to be able to configure my own palette
- Add text on the page instead of with the "note" widget. This allows seeing any margin comments without having to click on a note icon. It would be bonus if that text could get added to annotations in the notes.

Thanks again for moving this forward.
  • You can rotate pages from the View menu. (The actual file won't be modified, but Zotero will remember the rotation.)
  • edited September 19, 2021
    I love using the new reader too, and if I may suggest two features here:
    1. toggle highlighted text: sometimes you want to make a fresh read but still do not want to delete what you did; variations would be to toggle highlighted text according of a specific color, so you could show only the red sections for example;
    2. customized search-engine when right click on a text selection: so, you could google a word, search in your favorite dictionaries, or traductors

    Thank you for all the work
  • The problem is that it rotate all the pages, not just the ones you want
  • Permanently rotating individual pages is now possible in Zotero 6.0.9 from the thumbnail tab of the PDF reader sidebar.
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