Zotero Beta on macOS: tab switching should use common OS shortcuts

I'm running the new Zotero beta for macOS and iOS. I *love* the new iOS Zotero client. Dark mode looks amazing, and it's so nice not to have to drag out PaperShip to get stuff done. Thanks team.

I started running the macOS beta so I could view my annotations on desktop as well. I would like to be able to navigate tabs with Cmd-{ and Cmd-}, just as I do in my browser or on any other app that supports tabs.
  • Support for Cmd-Shift-[ and Cmd-Shift-] will be added, but note that you can use Ctrl-PageUp and Ctrl-PageDown (Ctrl-Fn-Up and Ctrl-Fn-Down on a Mac keyboard) now, which is another common shortcut (e.g., used in Firefox and Chrome).
  • Great! Thanks!
  • We've added support for additional shortcut keys for switching tabs in the latest beta (and fixed a problem where they didn't always trigger).
  • Delighted to hear it! Thanks!
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