Help with modifying style code please

Hello. I am having trouble modifying this style to include "original-date" in the bibliography. I have a mistake somewhere that is producing "1970, [1845]T..." instead of "1970 [1845], T...".

How do I change:
Marx, K. H., and Engels, F., 1970, [1845]The German ideology, International Publishers, New York.

Marx, K. H., and Engels, F., 1970 [1845], The German ideology, International Publishers, New York.

Thanks very much!
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  • !! I modified it, thank you.
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    1. in Zeile 310 rufst du ein Makro auf, das nicht exisitert. Also die Zeile erst mal löschen.
    2. Dann Zeilen 309-310 hiermit austauschen:

    <group delimiter=" " suffix=", ">
    <text macro="date"/>
    <text macro="original-date" prefix=" [" suffix="]"/>

    3. Zeile 6, den self-link auch anpassen, dass er modified enthaelt.
  • Wonderful, thank you.

    Can I change my style to to give the title of the reference if there is no author, as in APA7, instead of "Anon/Anonymous"? In my style, this is Lines 36-50, but I can't find the variable(s) in APA7. ... Or would this be a major rewriting of the code?

    Thanks very much.
  • You need to change the macro called "anon". Instead of the term "anon" you specify the variable "title".
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    Hello. I got close, but I still am stuck on the punctuation in the bibliography. I tried to add a variation of your code above, but it wasn't correct.

    Documents, 1832, . Archive.
    Documents, 1832. Archive.

    Is it possible to add two macros as in APA7 (starting Line 439 for date-bib and Line 523 for date-intext)? I think I have the code and line spacing correct, but I don't know where to insert it.

    style code:
    macro APA7 439:
    macro APA7 523:

    Thanks so much (again) for your help!
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