iOS: Can't download PDFs through Share

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  • I'm having this problem too, I think. I can't download any new pdfs (ie when I create a reference) through 'share' on the ios beta app, via safari/chrome on the ipad. No problems on the windows version. I could before.
  • Could you explain exactly what you're trying to do, step by step, what's happening at each step, and what you're expecting to happen?
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    Sure, thanks. I generated a debug id D1357763764 if that works. iOS 14.6.
    Trying to download a pdf into zotero from safari on ipad and then open in Zotero beta ios app (most recent update)
    Steps to reproduce:
    1 On ipad, open a pdf in safari
    2 click on share menu in upper right corner
    3 Choose zotero.
    4 Popup interface offers 'save to zotero' with (briefly) name of pdf, and a checkmark circle which is empty - the pdf name is greyed out and I can't check it
    5 Choose 'save to zotero' in top corner of the interface
    6 Check Zotero app - item is there but only with a link. I would expect a pdf to be downloaded into my library along with the item.

    At Step 2, the pdf name appears at the top of the share menu with 'options'. By default, 'automatic' is checked; if I change that to 'pdf', zotero then disappears from the share menu.
    So it looks like it's something related to the share menu no longer recognising zotero as a pdf downloader? I don't recall that 'options' box being there in the previous iOS.
  • Can you take a screenshot, upload it somewhere (e.g., Dropbox or Google Drive), and provide a link here? And can you provide the URL where this is happening?

    Saving from a PDF — like this one — is working for me in build 129.

    "Options" should be set to Automatic. You shouldn't touch that.
  • Thanks again. It works ok for many pdfs - the ones that get blocked are subscription journal articles from e.g JSTOR.
    Such as

    Works ok if they’re on open access.

    screenshot here:

    Ends up in library as link only.

    It must be something about this type of pdf, but it’s new, and specific to Zotero, as I can share them to PDF viewer. No problems saving from connector in chrome.
  • That screenshot isn't set to public.
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