ISBN not working for "Add Item by Identifier"

Debug Log: D2085562975

I am trying to use this ISBN to create a new entry using the "Add Item by Identifier" and it does not work: 9780393328509

The ISBN fails in both the standalone application (where I tracked the error with the debug log) and it also fails in the Web library interface.

The listed ISBN-13 also fails with a dash in it (I tracked the error without a dash). The ISBN-10 also fails.

I am building an exercise using the "Add Item by Identifier" for my students based on a previous exercise and I used this exact same ISBN-13 successfully last year.

Thanks for your help!
  • Update: I've tried a couple more ISBN-13 numbers and none of them work.
  • There's a bug here related to a recent translator update, but if you restart Zotero I believe it will fix itself.
  • Could you try: 978-3-11-067324-1

    If that doesn't work, try resetting your translators from the advanced tab of the Zotero preferences.
  • edited June 24, 2021
    (Resetting shouldn't be necessary. The GBV translator was renamed, and that seems to have triggered a bug where it's looking for the old translator file, and when that fails that seems to stop it from trying other ISBN translators. Restarting Zotero clears the cache and should fix it. We'll fix this in the code for future updates.)
  • It's happening in the Web Library interface too.

    I don't understand how I can "restart" that other than logging out of the web page and in again. Just tried, didn't work.
  • @adamsmith I just tried the ISBN you supplied and that worked. Others don't. Weird.
  • I was referring to the desktop app. The online version was failing for unrelated reasons — it just doesn't currently receive translator updates as fast as the desktop. It should work now.
  • The desktop app and the web interface are now performing as expected. Thanks!
  • Thanks for reporting!
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