dealing with two languages, the csl style cannot work very well on the title

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The customized csl cannot deal with two languages very well, both settings of text-case="capitalize-first" or text-case="title" will cause some problem

Here is the customized journal style:

Does anyone who are familar with csl can solve with problem?
  • Could you say what exactly happens/doesn't work? With anything other than en or English in the language field, text-case="title" shouldn't do anything.
  • For Englishg titles, when setting "capitalize-first", all the words (rather than notional words) will be capitalized, when setting "title", the first word and the last word will be capitalized
  • Right, but that's correct for English title case
  • No, I think its' not correct. I think "capitalize-first" should set notional words capitalized rather than all, "title" should set teh first word capitalied rather than the last one.
  • You think so based on what? CSL's title case is based on the title casing rules of the Chicago, and the last word in the title is always capitalized. That's also the most common norm for title casing in English, e.g. also followed by MLA and the Associated Press.
    (The only major manuals that don't do this are APA and AMA, but they don't use title case in citations, so it doesn't apply).

    capitalize-first only capitalizes the first word, and capitalize-all capitalizes all words. Both of those are as described in the specifications.
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    In zotero, if I choose "Title Case", only notional words capitalized, if I choose "Sentence case", only the first word caitalized. I think "Title Case" corresponds with "title" and "Sentence case" corresponds with "sentence"

    However, when setting "title", the first word and the last word will be capitalized

    How to set csl follow the rule the same with Zotero's "Title Case" and "Sentence case", Thanks!
  • You can't change title-casing rules in CSL -- but as I say above, the CSL rules are correct by most standards. The Zotero ones are just very simple transform tools without any claim to correctness for citations.
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    In the link, the rules are correct, list as below:
    Title case conversion (with text-case set to “title”) for English-language items is performed by:

    For uppercase strings, the first character of each word remains capitalized. All other letters are lowercased.
    For lower or mixed case strings, the first character of each lowercase word is capitalized. The case of words in mixed or uppercase stays the same.
    In both cases, stop words are lowercased, unless they are the first or last word in the string, or follow a colon. The stop words are “a”, “an”, “and”, “as”, “at”, “but”, “by”, “down”, “for”, “from”, “in”, “into”, “nor”, “of”, “on”, “onto”, “or”, “over”, “so”, “the”, “till”, “to”, “up”, “via”, “with”, and “yet”.

    However, in my case, "title" setting only lead to the first word and the last word capitalized, this is wierd.
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