Search by ISBN not working

Either in or using this ISBN: 978-80-7409-019-6 does nothing.
Expected output: Řeřichová, V., Sladová, J., Váňová, K., & Homolová, K. (2008). Literatura pro děti a mládež anglickymluvících zemí. Olomouc: Hanex.
  • There's no centralized metadata for ISBNs. Zotero searches a number of large library catalogs (Library of Congress, German federated catalog, Worldcat), but if an ISBN is in none of these -- which can often be the case for smaller publishers, they don't get picked up.
  • @adamsmith Is there a certain order in which the library catalogues are queried? I have noticed that ISBNs via the DNB (German National Library) automatically receive a Table of Contents PDF. This is not the case with the "Gemeinsamer Bibliotheksverbund ISBN" and the Library of Congress. If possible, I would prefer to import the ToC at the same time rather than adding it in an additional step.
  • The order is LoC, GBV, Worldcat.
    You're importing from the DBN directly -- there's no ISBN import via DBN, it's only a web translator. Since I believe everything that's in DBN is covered in the GBV catalog, we're not going to add DBN into ISBN look-up: there are performance costs in the number of databases queried.
  • Unfortunately the GBV lookup does not always work as expected. This is why we are getting rather bad and incomplete data from WorldCat after a lengthy search even if a book is listed in GBV. Wouldn't it be preferable to switch to K10plus, which is more comprehensive?
  • Pull request:

    For anybody wondering: K10plus is the result of the merger of two German consortial library catalogs (GVK and SWB)
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