Zotero Tag "Manager"

I made a small python code using PyZotero, to rename all those automatic tags to something meaningful. It worked for me. If you want to take a look check at


Best regards!
  • This seems like a great, useful tool, but without a GUI I won't be able to use it. Do you plan to do that later?
  • I do not plan to commit to much time in this. I wrote to scratch my own itchy. A gui would not change much, since, regex rules are complicated my itself for most of people. If you know what a regex is you can use this bit of code, take a look at the code.

    A example of usage session can be seem here


    If there is any change (not a gui) that would help you to make this more useful, let me know.
  • Thinking about it, I will probably add:

    1. A pip/conda installer
    2. A configuration file (to setup some basic renaming rules, instead hardcoded ones), also to setup Zotero ID and Key.
    3. A dry-run mode, and be able to run the delete operation later instead both at same time.
    4. A smarter catalog loader (using timestamps since last run).
    5. A nice 3d logo for application
    6. A iOS app version for just $19.99.

    I had other ideas, but most of them are not important right now.

    If you have any requests please open a issue in github.

  • Direct modification of the Zotero DB is usually discouraged by the Zotero devs. I'd check in with them to eg see if these modifications will sync properly.
  • I use the API, not direct changes, if the API allows it, why devs discourage them?
  • As far as I can tell, in my own zotero account, it is working perfectly.
  • My mistake! I thought you were writing to the db. Sorry!
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