[iPadOS, Beta] Zotero Beta Reader


Is there any way to get back to the page I was reading after jump to another page by link or entering a page number? (like Alt + Left arrow in Zotero Beta Windows).

Otherwise, it'd be great if we have that function one day.

Thanks a lot!
  • Not sure where we'd put these controls, but we'll think about it. One option might be to just have a Back button that appears temporarily after a large page jump.

    Are you aware of other iOS PDF apps that support this?
  • @dstillman PDF Expert on iOS does it quite well.
  • Yeah, that looks like basically what I was thinking of. A back or forward button shows up and then disappears after a few seconds.
  • GoodReader also has this.
  • PDF Expert’s back button is exactly what was on my mind when I posted in a separate thread about this. +1
  • I would love to see this feature. It would make it much easier to go back to the main text after checking out a citation.

    Now that the iOS app has inking support, the lack of a back button is the only feature that still makes me use GoodReader for reading and annotating PDFs.

    iAnnotate PDF (not IAnnotate 4) also has a back button-like feature but it's more complicated. It requires clicking on a "Set Mark" button before the jump and clicking on a "Return to Mark" button to go back. I would prefer a solution that automatically remembers the position before a jump.
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