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I use APA 7th edition (no ampersand), but the journal names are not abbreviated. How can I change it easily ?

Thank you.
  • APA style doesn’t abbreviate journal titles.

    If you want to abbreviate them, that’s not APA style, so double check with your publisher/journal that that is needed. If that’s the case, the style file would need to be edited. What journal is this for?
  • APA doesn't abbreviate journal names -- it's possible to customize in the citation style, but what is this for?
  • Hi team,

    Like OP, I am hoping to use journal abbreviations with APA 7th style (the numeric superscript variation in the repository). Obviously this is diverging from APA style quite a bit, but it's for a grant application with a page limit and where there is no dictated reference style. So I'm using a riff on APA style to keep the reference and citations as concise as possible while still making the format familiar to the reviewers. I don't mind which abbreviation system is used.

    Anyway, can anyone tell me how to achievethis in the CSL file? I understand that there is a specification form="short" that needs to go somewhere, but I haven't been able to find a thread that clears up where specifically it should go. Any help would be much appreciated :)
  • Line 1235 of the style
    <text variable="container-title" font-style="italic" text-case="title"/>
    Just add form="short
    General instructions here:

    Don't forget to change style title & id
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