Drag&drop for QuickCopy stopped working

Until a few hours ago I was able to use QuickCopy by dragging&dropping single items into an external program, and have the reference be copied there

This stopped working suddenly and for no apparent reason, without me having changed anything at all in Zotero (no update took place recently either). Dragging&dropping an item now displays the no-access mouse icon, no matter the external software used

Under Export prefs, the "Disable quick copy what dragging more than [] items" is set to its default, 50

  • Sorry for the perhaps obvious question, but have you tried restarting your computer?
    Some clipboard weirdness is fixed by a restart.
  • I have, yes, I too thought that would fix it, but it did not (am running Windows 10)
  • One cause of this on Windows would be Zotero or other software running as administrator. See here for how to check.

    Does Quick Copy via shortcut key still work?

    Can you provide a Debug ID for a drag attempt that fails?
  • Hm, I haven't intentionally started any program with admin rights, although I *had* done that shortly before the problem appeared, and before I restarted. Now no programs are admin, still the problem persists. Quick Copy seems to work by keyboard shortcut, yes.

    ID 1087941288 already shows some errors, though to me they don't mean much... perhaps it's because I'm using a style from which I removed DOIs in the refs list. But if I change to APA 7th, problem still remains..

  • We need a Debug ID, not a Report ID.
  • Oh right, sorry. D658927094
  • No errors logged there. Likely still something related to programs running as admin, or other security software on the computer blocking things. Zotero just provides the data to the OS, so not much we can do here, I'm afraid.
  • Alright, will have a look at my security settings. Thanks.
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