Merging two citations files to use in one document

Hello. I need some help on how to combine 2 citations files into one. I had 2 different documents I worked on but wish to combine it into one single document. What should I do so that the references get updated automatically?
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    @alixkvinr: Two word processor documents you created using Zotero's word processor plugin, you mean? You can just copy citations from one document to the other. When you insert a bibliography (or press Refresh if you already have one), you'll get a bibliography with all the citations in the document.
  • Hello, My question is similar but I am not sure it is the same.
    - I have a number of word documents (each with Zotero citations) that I need to combine into 1 document
    - When I cut and paste (even with formatting) I lose the link to the citation and it just pastes as plain text
    - Therefore I cannot combine the reference lists.
    Please tell me how to combine word documents so that I can retain the Zotero citations and create an overall reference list.
    Many Thanks,
  • Generally this just works.

    Some things to check:
    1. The document into which you paste needs to have a citation style set by Zotero, either via document preferences or by having at least one active citation
    2. Make sure the two documents actually have active citation (by testing that you can insert a bibliography and/or switch citation styles
    3. Make sure that this actually doesn't work, i.e. try adding a bibliography after pasting.
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