possible feature request and a database size question

Totally in love with Zotero. Paradigm-shifter in my opinion. Right.

Feature request.
The existing feature to 'Rename File from Parent Metadata' is very useful, but requires the attachment name within Zotero to match the underlying file name. I find that when PDFs are retrieved from reference databases or Google Scholar, they are often inserted to the storage system with the 'correct' name from the metadata. (I only just realised in typing this that Zotero must be doing this on the fly, as the source file is named something else, such as 'science.pdf', etc.) However, the attachment name in Zotero will often be named for the source, such as 'HighWire Full Text PDF' or 'Google Scholar Linked Page'.

So the request: it would be great if there was a preference option to allow Zotero to override the attachment name via 'Rename File...' even when it does not match the underlying filename.

Database size question.
There are a few related posts in the forum, but none seem to directly address this: is there a practical size limit of the sqllite database file that Zotero uses? As in, a file size threshold beyond which there is an increasing risk of corruption or other failures?

My system is still small, with only a little over 300 entries for a db size of ~10MB. But I expect that to grow by at least an order or magnitude, possibly much more.

A Mac usability question...
In the Windows world, if you add an attachment using 'Store Copy of File', you can simply paste a URL and Zotero/ffox will go and grab that as the source, saving it to the storage system. Is there a way to do this in OS X? I'm rather new to Macs and can't see any way in the ffox/Finder interface that will let you do this.

  • Hi Jwood,

    It generally works better to try and separate different feature requests into individual threads, it's just a bit easier for the community to follow along.

    I can give you a quick answer to your second question. At the moment I have 2807 items in my library and Zotero runs perfectly. I know several power users that have had 20,000 to 30,000 records in their collections for the last two years without issue.
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