Two Zotero installations sharing one data store

I run (sometimes at the same time) two Firefox sessions on XP (different addin configs). I tried to point them to the same storage location but for the second one I set up, Zotero won't start when pointed to the common location. Any way to have them share a common directory? I have WebDav setup so they are both seeing the same data so it is only disk space if it won't work...

  • You can't access the same Zotero database on disk from more than one client at a time.
  • Why not sync with Zotero 2.0?
  • Hi,
    I am syncing, it is just that I end up with two copies of all the files on my PC in CA via a data center in TX... Not a big deal, disk space and bandwidth are cheap.

  • Do you mean two copies of the %zotero%/storage directory? I came across a perfect fix for this sort of situation. In my case I wanted DropBox to sync everything BUT the sqllite db itself, which I wanted local for each Zotero install. In my case that was on two separate machines but the logic is the same. Use symbolic link under Windows via the Junction tool:

    Works brilliantly. I just setup my Zotero data directory but use Junction to redirect %zotero%/storage to some other location on the computer. If I understand your issue, that would be a single location on the C drive -- so both ffox profiles' Zotero directories would have symlinks redirecting their storage folders to the shared location, but retain separate local database files, which you then sync via Zotero itself.

    I'm doing this going Vista <-> OS X with my storage data up on DropBox. Works great (and no more file conflicts from trying to put ALL of Zotero in DropBox...).
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