Extracted annotations: Make an exported file linked to Zotero item

  • @dstillman I still rely on some customization that Zotfile offer for extracting annotation; Could be possible to make optionally an exported file linked to Zotero item? (even through advanced config editor)
  • If you're referring to notes with extracted annotations, see my comments here. The extraction part itself isn't relevant.
  • edited June 5, 2021
    I apologize, It was not clear from my comment what I meant

    I would like to have an ability to have added link to exported PDF (as linked file)
    It could be non-defult behaviour, enabled through editing string in advance setting

    This would be a temporary hack only before the plugin ecosystem around beta grown up;

    I would link to use Zotfile to Extract my annotations without overwriting the file in the database or adding another entry for the same item; I have custom settings with Zotfile that allowing me for creating personalized markdown note; even if it is possible to export note in the new beta to markdown it is not possible to recreate the same outcome as with annotation extracted through Zotfile yet;

    May request may be ignored if this involve much work, it will be probably superseded through developments around note extraction

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