How to install original dates?

For instance, I have Durkheim 2013, but the original publication was 1893. Normally the intext citation should read (Durkheim 2013[1893]). How do I get the system to include the orignal publication year? I can't do it manually, because do do that I would have to delink. I entered the original year in brackets in the Zotero sheet, but to no avail. (My citation system is Cambridge University Press).
  • What's the style guide you're trying to follow? Note that the CUP author-date style is for a specific subset of mainly monographs and edited volumes. The authors are coded as inititials for that style on purpose.

    For the original-date, use original-date: 1893 in Extra -- that style will add this as 2013/1893, others will use square brackets like in your example.
  • In the CUP book in front of me, a stand alone book, first names appear in the bibliography (this issue is in another post, I guess you are combining my two posts). Thanks for the tip on the original date. For some reason, however, the date in 'extra' does not carry over to the text (it remains '(2013)' rather than '(2013/1893)'. I experimented with different styles and refreshed, but in no case did the original date appear. The solution to both posts remains a puzzle.
  • The basic style we followed is the author-date style in which, as you'll see, uses initials. Note though, that CUP says right at the beginning that they'll follow your preferred style as long as it's consistent, so it's no surprise you're seeing other thing in CUP books.

    What do you need the style for? Any reason you wouldn't just use Chicago author-date?

    As for the original date, that definitely works in general (try in Chicago author-date to make sure this isn't an issue with the style). If it doesn't work, what exactly do you have in Extra?

  • That is very helpful, thank you. As for original date, I have only the original year in extra. I tried it with two items (and refreshed), and it doesn't catch in either case. I am stumped.
  • Could you paste exactly what you have in extra? Details matter in this case
  • "1887" in one item, and "1893" in another. The quotes are not in extra.
  • This works for different variables, so it needs to include the label:
    original-date: 1893
  • That's it! Thanks so much!
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