Date in various different formats + save only year of paper

As can be seen in this screenshot

in my library the date of the papers are saved in dozens of different formats (1990, 1-1-1990, 1/1/1990, Sunday 1 1990).

It's very confusing and it's impossible to order by date.

How can I have only the year, and for the future have the browser connector save only the year?
  • it's impossible to order by date
    No, that's not the case — it will sort by the parsed date, regardless of the display format.

    A future version of Zotero will likely show the date in a consistent format when parsed fully, but there's no effect on sorting here, and Zotero isn't going to throw away meaningful data.
  • How can I know if the date was correctly parsed when they are displayed in different formats?
  • y m d are displayed to the right of the date in the order in which elements are parsed.
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    > Zotero isn't going to throw away meaningful data.

    *Some* of this data is not meaningful at all.

    For instance an article published on 1th April 2016, the "1st" doesn't mean anything. Only that it's the April issue of the journal.

    Equivalently, a boo published on "1st January 2001" was not published on New Year's Day really.

    I wish we could be more consistent in how dates are displayed
  • But then why have this "1st" in the date field at all?
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