Count how many times a reference is cited

I would like to have a counter for each reference in such a way that the counter is increased by one every time I insert a reference into a document. Also, it would be nice to store information about which references are used in the same citation and same document. This would help in constructing favorite references lists.
  • every time I insert a reference into a document
    That's not a reliable automatic metric. Zotero has no way of knowing if it's a draft document, another copy, if you copy and paste something into a new document, if you're just testing/troubleshooting the plugin, whether or not you actually save the document, etc.
  • I know that it is not a reliable metric, but it could still be useful because it would correlate with the usefulness of the reference in the long run. Also it would enable the user to identify references that he has never used and to purge these.
  • edited May 30, 2021
    I am also looking for such a feature! Has there been any development with this?
  • No, this isn't something we're likely to support, for the reasons I give above.
  • Hmm, I see. Thanks anyway!
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