Locating items in group library from search

  • @adamsmith Correction: this method does not seem to work for items stored in group libraries (i.e. group libraries are not highlighted).
  • @jochab: You're misunderstanding this. It works exactly the same in group libraries, but items in different libraries are different items, and it won't highlight items in other libraries. This is for highlighting collections containing an item in a given library.
  • @dstillman Thank you for clarification.
    The misunderstanding comes from the fact that the search returns items from all libraries - not just the one selected in the left pane. Locating the item can then be done by repeatedly selecting each library and checking the highlight.
    This is good to know, but it can be unwieldy.
    Is there any other way of locating the item's library?
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    the search returns items from all libraries - not just the one selected in the left pane
    @jochab: No it doesn't. That sounds like a misunderstanding too. The search bar in the Zotero toolbar is simply a filter for the current view. Again, items in different libraries are separate items, so if you click on a different library, you're seeing different items.

    Being able to search across multiple libraries is planned, but it's not possible at the moment.
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    @dstillman Then there seems to be a bug.
    I have items that can be found via the search bar in My library but which are in one of the Group libraries (and not anywhere in My library). This results in no highlighting (in My library) despite items being found.

    Let me know if I can provide you with any details to help you fix this.
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    Splitting this off, since this is definitely a misunderstanding.

    If you're seeing items in My Library, they exist in My Library. Again, the search bar is just a filter of the items in the current view — that's all it does. The library root shows all items in the library, whether or not you've added them to collections. If you haven't added the items to any collections in the current library, no collections will be highlighted.

    Once again, items in other libraries are separate items, and collections containing those items won't be highlighted while you're in a different library.
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