Zotero.scpt running

Word est bloqué depuis 2 heures avec zotero.scpt qui tourne même en supprimant toutes les applications. Mes dernières sauvegardes ne sont pas disponibles sur ces documents. Donc si je force l'arrêt je vais perdre une journée de travail.
Merci de votre aide
  • Is this Word 2011 that you're referring to?

    If you look in Activity Monitor, you may be able to force-quit just osascript to stop the script without disturbing Word.

    Beyond that, we're happy to help debug specific Zotero problems you're having going forward, but we can't help with general issues around document recovery or saving. You might be able to save a temporary file as long as Word is open. But saving/auto-saving is really between you and Word.
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