[Feature Request] The pdf reader support wirte comment inside the content

The pdf reader support highlight content in the pdf file, but it can't add comment inside the content, I have to open the left side bar to check the Annotations to add comment, that's not very convenient.
So Hope the pdf reader support add comment directly inside the content, Thanks.
  • edited May 12, 2021
    it can't add comment inside the content
    Yes you can. When the sidebar is closed, you click the highlight and the exact same annotation widget pops up that appears in the sidebar.

    The sidebar is simply a different way of viewing your annotations and isn't in any way necessary to create or edit them.
  • I got it. Closing the sidebar, the comment icon will display above the highlight content.
    Sometimes I want to type some text directly in the pdf, incert a text box or somthing like that, so when I review the pdf files, I don't need to click the comment icon to see what I had write before.
    Thanks for the reply.
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