forcing tags to the top of the list with special characters works well in desktop but not online

Hi, I just did some folksonomy-style tagging to make it easier to navigate a public group I've made. Some of the records already have tags because they came from PubMed, with MeSH terms as part of the records. So, to make my tags show up first and stand out, I used this style: --TOOLS, --PRACTICE, etc.
This works fine in Zotero on my desktop. But in the online group, when I try to filter on one of these tags with the two hyphens, everything in the group remains there. I'm not sure if it's simply not filtering or if it's filtering but for some reason retrieving everything in the group (FYI, everything has one of my --WHATEVER tags).
I wouldn't call this a problem -- I can change the tags to another format -- but it's an unexpected behavior, so I thought I'd note it here.
(FTR, desktop Zotero in Windows, online Zotero group in Firefox and Chrome)
If you want to try it out and see for yourself, here's the URL for the group:
If anyone has advice for how to make my preferred tags obvious to people using the public group, I am all ears.
  • Thanks for reporting, we will look into it.
  • edited May 4, 2021
    We've released a new version of web library where this issue has been resolved. Filtering in the URL you've linked now works as expected.
  • Thank you @tnajdek -- that was very fast and very helpful! Much appreciated.
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