Distinct styles for AUTHOR and TRANSLATORS in bibliography

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Hi, there. I'd like to have translators, specially of legal cases, to be rendered in direct order ("Prefix: Given Family."), but can't figure out how. Can anyone help, please?


Currently, it's FAMILY, Given. The upper-case is a workaround.
  • In the translator macro, change:


    You might also want to use the ‘label’ element in ‘names’ for the label, rather than a prefix (see the container-contributors macro for an example).
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    Thanks, but it didn't work. Let me be clear: It'll always have a single "translator", and I mean the display order, not really sorting.

    Maybe some other setting is overriding it?
  • Could we get an example of current and desired output? (FWIW, the code by bwiernik is about display, not sorting, but depending on how translators are used, the style might no call it)
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    Hi. You mean this?


    Or this:

    SURNAME, Author-name. Title. Translator-Prefix: SURNAME, Translator-name. Date-Prefix: dd.mmm.yyyy. City: Publisher, yyyy. Access-info.

    SURNAME, Author. Title. Translator-Prefix: Translator-name Surname. Date-Prefix: dd.mmm.yyyy. City: Publisher, yyyy. Access-info.

    FYI: I use Author as Court/jurisdiction and Translator as the actual judge/justice writing the opinion.
  • I would really recommend entering the variables into the actual fields (that is, use the Court field for the court) rather than entering data in a style-specific way. If you are doing legal citation, using Jurism, a version of Zotero with much expanded support for the complexities of legal citation, might be helpful for you https://juris-m.GitHub.io
  • Thanks for the tips. What about the display order, thought?
  • You currently still have name-as-sort-order="first". This is the line in question you'd want to change to never:
  • Thanks so much. My bad. I somehow mixed versions of the file! It worked, finally!
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