Pasting text with citations from Google docs to word template

Hey there,
We have recently started using zotero firstly in google docs for collaboration, which we download into word and transfer the word document into our own stylised word template. Downloading from google docs works fine and we have active citations in our downloaded word doc. Then when we paste into our stylised word template the citations loose their links- when we click 'refresh' zotero says there are no citations in the document.

Strangely if you copy text out of the template file into a new blank doc and click 'refresh' they start working again. I was wondering what in the template could be causing an issue that essentially stops zotero from recognising the citations?

  • Is Google Docs actually relevant here? Can you reproduce this issue with a document you create in Word?

    Assuming you're following the transfer instructions to move documents between Google Docs and Word, there shouldn't be any difference between a document that you've transferred and one you create in Word. There may be an unrelated compatibility issue with your template, though.
  • Thanks dstillman, I checked and you're right, google docs is NOT relevant. We have the same error when transferring onto the template from another word doc. This means there is some compatibility issue with our template. Any ideas on what this might be? Or testing I can do?
  • Make sure that you are using the most recent file version for the template, but otherwise it's hard to tell. Presumably your template prevents any field insertion (including things like date, page numbers, etc) so you could try looking into that.
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