notes lost on a pdf

I have been working on a pdf article adding notes on 4 or 5 different occasions. Today I go into the pdf and it is blank, returned to the original copy. I'm devastated as I have hours of work that seems lost. Someone help please?
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    Working on a PDF where?
  • thx for the reply. I was using the zotero icon on my pc acer. Would click on it, search my article and just keep going on my notes. Today - I get a blank document and have done nothing different. I assumed it was synching. I have no idea.
  • Right but where were you taking notes? The current version of Zotero doesn't have a PDF reader and simply opens PDFs in an external PDF reader of your choice on your computer. The beta version does have a PDF reader, but you don't say that's what you're using.

    Assuming you were annotating in an external PDF reader, the PDF reader would need to save the annotations back to the original file in the Zotero data directory, and those would then sync to other computers if you're using file syncing. If you're not seeing the latest version of the file and you're not on the computer where you actually added the annotations, look for them on the computer where you added them originally and see Files Not Syncing.
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