italic bracket into something else in citation

edited May 3, 2021
Sorry for the dumb question - but I wonder where does Zotero define its font-style="italic"?

I'm currently working with the American Political Science Association citation style - all worked out fine, except that I use Markdown and cite in footnotes.

What happens is that for any part of the citation that is italicised, Zotero brackets the item with and around it. Is there any way to change it into "*", for example?

I looked at the Style Editor and hoped that I can tweak this, but it seems that font-style="italic" is pre-defined (and hence not in the style sheet).

Most grateful for your inputs!
  • The actual italics behavior is hard-coded in the citation processor and there's no reasonable way for you to modify that. You can, however, modify the citation style and just replace every occurrence of font-style="italic" with prefix="*" suffix="*"
  • Though if you are writing with markdown, I would recommend inserting citations in the pandoc format and letting pandoc handle the formatting when you build the final document
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