Same author same year sources for APA

Does anyone know how to make Zotero give your in-text citations from the same author and the same year a letter such as Madsen, 2020a; 2020b?

And does anyone know how you can include a count of normal pages in the bibliography. Let's say you have a source:
Bandura, A. (2011). A Social Cognitive perspective on Positive Psychology. Revista de Psicología Social, 26(1), 7–20. (21 NS)

The (21 NS) in the end is not a part of APA, but I want it there and I want it to stay there even though i update my bibliography. Does anyone know how do fix that?

Thank you :)
  • The letters after the year are added automatically when needed. You don’t need to do anything.

    What is the (21 NS) here?
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