Moving pdfs from linked attachments to Zotero storage


I've started using the iOs beta but my entire library is stored on Dropbox through zotfile.
I have seen that there is no plan/easy way for you to implement linked attachments through the iOs app.
Is there a way to temporarily move a pdf stored as a linked attachment to the zotero storage accessible from the iOs app?

Alternatively, is there any plan to increase the paid storage plans?
I've seen some recent requests in the forum about this.
My library is already close to 6gb and 120$ per year is quite a large amount of money (in particular for students as myself) - I would be very happy to support Zotero's development with a student discount/larger plans at lower prices as I've been finding Zotero extremely useful!

  • You can convert linked files to stored files via Tools → Manage Attachments → Convert Linked Files to Stored Files.

    I'm afraid we don't offer student pricing, but if you're at an institution, you can lobby your institution to subscribe to an institutional storage plan. For what it's worth, Zotero's most expensive individual plan is $120/year, which is the same price as Dropbox's standard plan.
    My library is already close to 6gb
    How are you determining that? Solely based on your linked PDFs?
  • Thanks for the command!

    Yes, my PDFs are about 6gb of files and the library will most likely grow in the next few years.
    I was mostly comparing the storage options with Papers which comes at 36$/year for students or 60$/year for academics for unlimited storage.
    But, the Zotero interface looks nicer to me and Papers is not open source (which is a *big* bonus for me). I'd like to keep my tools as open source as possible and being able to support their development would be a great thing :)
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