my zotero says i have reached my File Storage quota

my zotero says i have reached my File Storage quota. However i just have 3 folders with less than 70 papers each. What can i do? i cant afford a annual prince. Help me please

ID: 1310790381

  • The number of collections doesn't matter — look in your library root. You have >700 top-level items in your library, and hundreds of file attachments. If you want to sync your files, you'll need to delete some attachments and empty the trash.
  • i already deleted them all and still shows i reached my file storage quota. what else can i do?
  • You still have >600 top-level items and several hundred file attachments.
  • @Mariacamila96 you can use plugins Zutilo and/or Zotfile to move all the attachments to a separate folder, so they will be linked to the items. Thus, they will be not synchronized and will not use Storage quota.
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