Using 7th edition APA Zotero in Word: Same author, same date year a,b,c,d, added then restarts...

I am using 7th edition. I have a ton of WHO, 2021 but different articles. The data is inputted correctly as I manually just ensured all data is correct. I even changed the style then changed it back to the 7th to see if it would do it correctly. There are 8 WHO citations. some from 2020 and some from 2021. They all have actual dates listed as well. When it created citations it did 4 a,b,c,d then restarted a,b,c,d !!! NEED HELP ASAP!!!!PLEASE
  • Do you have all the items named consistently in your library (either all WHO or all World Health Organization)? If not, make them consistent.

    Otherwise, probably
  • (Last response was me.)
  • If none of that helps, if we could paste all WHO (2021) entries from the bibliography here, that might be helpful.
  • Yes, everything was typed incorrectly and precisely the same. Honestly, I switched to AMA citations because, with APA and all the authors cited, it became so distracting anyway with the article's names and dates. Using AMA and superscripts, it was much more reader-friendly. I am waiting to hear back from the client to see if they want me to switch it back, and if so, I will have to figure it out, or since the paper is entirely written, I will just change them manually to make sense.
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