Are there any Zotero Consultants here?

Hi, I'm looking for some Zotero support . . . is there anyone here that consults on Zotero?
  • Could you say more about what you're after? You'll generally get all the support you should need here.
    If you do need a consultant, it'll depend on what sort of help you need. As a word of warning, since most people with significant Zotero experience are established academics, consulting rates are relatively high.
  • Hi Adam, thank you for responding. And, to be more specific, I am looking for someone who would log in to my Zotero, and "clean up" all of my citations so that they will produce a proper reference list. I do realize that this is pretty tedious work, and I appreciate your comments about the fees. That said, I am open to a discussion about fees, and would just really appreciate the support.
  • That’s a task a lot of folks have an undergraduate RA work on. That might be your best option. If you have questions about how information should be stored in Zotero or what fields to be sure to check, we can answer those.
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    For this you don't really need a consultant, you'd need someone with citeproc knowledge and maybe familiarity with the style(s) you intend to use sooner than that you'd need Zotero knowledge. But for a start you could probably hire a TA to just scan through all your entries and mark of fix missing fields, or title/journal/institution misspellings. Hardest is likely going to be names.
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    But, if you have questions, anyone who has responded to you in this thread are the world’s experts on CSL and citations with Zotero, so we are happy to answer questions
  • Yeah, I'd second RAs for that if that's at all an option. If not, I've also seen such jobs advertised on Upwork and similar platforms. Most people posting here have PhDs, many are faculty, I don't think you'll find folks interested in metadata cleaning jobs here.
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