Publisher's city and state missing in Bibliography

Can anyone tell me why Zotero is not including the publisher's city and state in my bibliography, although it is listed in the article's information section?
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    Which citation style and reference item?
  • APA 6th edition, and the item is a book
  • Are you sure you are not using APA 7? Publisher place is no longer used there
  • No, I am using APA 6. I've been using Zotero for 3 years. I'm wondering if it automatically changed my preferences to APA 7? Where do I find that and change if necessary?
  • I just found the drop down menu for choosing your citation style. APA 6th edition is no longer listed? I am in my final stages of my dissertation and I cannot change to 7th edition at this point. Do you have any suggestions?
  • Yes, Zotero updates to the most recent version of a style. You can check under Document Preferences and you can download APA 6 from
  • The default APA style that ships with Zotero was changed to APA 7 in January 2020
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