Does Zotero work with the online version of Word in Office 365?

When I try to work with my document in the cloud on Office 365, I can’t see any Zotero link or icon even though I have Zotero installed on my laptop with a plug-in for my installed Word program.
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    The Word plugin doesn't work with Office Online, only the local version. (You can of course copy one-off citations and bibliographies to Office Online, but you can't use the plugin functionality.)
  • any plans to make a plugin? Endnote has one so it's possible.

    As a linux person, this would my only option as WPS does not have a plugin either or wine MSoffice does not work anymore.
  • LibreOffice is the typical program used on Linux
  • I do all of my work locally in LibreOffice with Zotero and then export as office 365. I then upload to the office 365 server at work or at school. The office nerds don't even know that I did that.
  • Hard when a document has to be made by 3 people.
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    @forevertheuni Multiple people can simultaneously edit a document using the Desktop Word application, so long as the document is stored in OneDrive, exactly the same way they can with Word Online. Zotero works in that scenario.

    With respect to Linux, you could use Word Online while your colleagues handle the citations in Word Desktop. This is unfortunately a problem that LibreOffice development has not kept pace with modern commercial word processing tools.
  • I'm pretty sure MS is on par with libreOffice in functionality. It's not our fault MS doesn't let me buy it for linux either.

    I use google docs with zotero, but using office365 would help on the people that like to use things just because they always had (MS office).

    I don't understand the point of any of your comments, or what they aim to achieve.
    The request was: - We would like a plugin for online office365 and zotero, if you don't have a use, I don't see why other people wouldn't, and you'd come trolling here with your other preferences, we don't comment on their validity either.
  • We're looking to make a plugin for Word Online, but it's currently impossible due to limitations of the Word JS API. Microsoft developers have indicated that there might be some improvements coming to the Word JS API in the next 6 months and have suggested that the additions necessary for Zotero integration are high on the priority list, but we have no guarantees or timelines at the moment.
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