Endnotes instead of footnotes

Hi all,

I am trying to get my document to display endnotes in Chicago style. So, I should have numerical footnotes throughout the document, but all of the actual footnote information should come at the end of the document on its own page. I can't seem to figure this out. Endnotes are close, but they change from Arabic numerals to Roman. How can I make it so that when I click "Add/Edit Citation" it will generate a footnote that doesn't immediately appear at the bottom of the page?

Thanks in advance! I am using Word by the way.
  • You can just change the endnote format from roman to arabic in Word (nothing to do with Zotero).
    Exactly how to do this varies a bit by Word version, but basically https://asklib.hks.harvard.edu/faq/124831
  • The formatting of the numbering with note styles is handled by Word/LibreOffice itself, so you can change that back to Arabic numerals there.

    Or you choose a numeric style and add a bibliography at the end of your document. (pick one of these)
    Not exactly sure what you want to achieve.
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