Safari connector stopped working after latest Zotero upgrade

I was prompted to auto upgrade Zotero yesterday or this morning. It is now at version 5.0.97-beta.15+205fe7f03.

I just tried to use the Safari connector and the icon was missing. When I went to the list of extensions in Safari preferences it is still listed as enabled. I disabled and re-enabled it and approved the security popup. When I did so there was a brief moment (small fraction of a second) where an icon appeared on the Safari toolbar and then it disappeared.

Any idea what is happening or what the fix is? Thanks.
  • Because of bugs in Apple’s Safari extension system, you will occasionally need to reinstall Zotero to restore the connector in Safari after an upgrade. Those can’t be fixed until Apple fixes the upstream problems. If that’s a problem, you should switch to using Firefox or Chrome or Edge, which have a working extension with the stable version of Zotero.
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