Style request: Radiation Protection Dosimetry


What bibliography style can be used for Radiation Protection Dosimetry? It is an Oxford University Press journal. I haven't found it among the styles available in Zotero. Currently, I use "Vancouver (brackets)", which is a bit similar.

Instructions from

References should be indicated in the text by superior numbers in parentheses and the full reference should be given in a list at the end of the paper in the following form, in the order in which they appear in the text:

1. Crase, K. W. and Gammage, R. B. Improvements in the use of ceramic BeO in TLD. Health Phys. 29, 739-746 (1975).

2. Clarke, R. H. and Webb, G. A. M. Methods for estimating population detriment and their application in setting environmental discharge limits. Proceedings of Symposium - Biological Impications of Radionuclides Released from Nuclear Industries. Vienna, March 1979. IAEA-SM-237/6, 149-154 (1980).

3. Aird, E. G. A. A. An introduction to medical physics. Heineman Medical Books Ltd (1983) ISBN 0 433 003502.

4. Duftschmid, K. E. TLD personnel monitoring systems - the present situation. Radiat. Prot. Dosim. 2, 2-12 (1982).

5. International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements. Determination of operational dose equivalent quantities for neutrons. ICRU Report 66. J. ICRU 1, (2001).

All the authors' names and initials (or the first 10 followed by et al.), the title of the paper, the abbreviated title of the journal, volume number, page numbers and year should be given. Abbreviated journal titles should be in accordance with the current World List of Scientific Periodicals. Please note the use of lower case lettering in article titles.
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