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I recently started using Zotero and found the import of annotaton especcially useful. So I read an commented plenty of pdfs, added the pdfs in Zotero and implemented the annotation, which worked fine. My idea was to add the number of the task of the projekt for which a certain part of the pdf text is helpful in the beginning of each pdf comment (e.g. "AP1" short for German "Arbeitspaket Nr. 1", meaning more or less "working load nr. 1"; "AP2" for Nr. 2 and so on). Since AP7 is connected with writing an essay I included the chapter numbre (German: chapter=Kapitel so short version Kap) of the essay (e.g. "AP7 Kap4"). My hope was to be able to filter for certain workloads (e.g. AP1 or AP4) or for certain chapters of the essay (e.g. Kap4) in the end of doing most of the reading reserach. My problem now seeams to be the search tool. A search for "AP4" is not only listing pdf including "AP4" but listing pdfs with "AP7 Kap4" or even pdfs wih any "AP" and any "4". There is never a space between "AP" and "4" and even using "" in the beginning and end of my search doesn´t help.
Would be very helpful if anyone has an idea solving this.
  • Strange, now it says there is a comment about my question but opening the discussion i cannot see anything (neither beeing looked in nor looked out) whereas with other discussion with at least one comment I can perfectly read the comments below the question.
  • (There isn’t any missing comment—sometimes the counter will include the original post due to the way the spam filtering works.)
  • @ bwiernik: Ok, thanks :)
    @ all: Any idea about the search problem? Would be awsome.
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