iOS Festure Request: Markdown notes

I wish I could capture notes in Markdown (which is basically possible) and see them formatted in view mode; including tags. The "Highlights" app does this in an exemplary way.
  • Which markdown features are you specially interested in?
  • - Headings
    - Formatting such as bold and italics
    - #Tags
    - Bulleted lists; numbered and unnumbered
  • - You can set bold and italic via the keyboard using standard shortcut keys (Ctrl-B/I or Cmd-B/I).
    - Hashtags aren't part of Markdown. That would be an unrelated feature of some other software you're thinking of.
    - You can create a bulleted list with - and a numbered list with 1. .

    Headings can't currently be created via the keyboard, but we'll likely add auto-conversion of #/##/### headers in an upcoming version.
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