Merge - auto function?

  • @ckemere wrote: The problem I find is that Mendeley/PubMed often classified conference papers as journal articles for some reason, so I still have to do some manual clicking to normalize these entries.

    I urge you to be careful. PubMed lists literally hundreds of journals that are "Proceedings of ..." These are treated by the professional association as a serial not as a conference proceedings book. I could give specific examples if requested.

    Many of the PubMed proceedings are in serial publications that have an ISSN and not in proceedings books with an ISBN.

    Often these proceedings appear in supplement issues of unaffiliated (or loosely affiliated) journals.
  • The auto-lookup result for IEEE conferences appears to be "conference paper" (PubMed lists as "journal"). NIPS conferences, for some reason, end up as "book". In my case, I don't really think it matters, as long as the right DOI/PMID are associated and my library is consistent. In my field, I've never used the ISBN or ISSN to actually find a document/book.
  • Maybe there is a possibility to write a plugin for this?
    You could tell the plugin if you'd like to prefer the older or the newer version (=master) and which fields have to be 100% identical and which fields should be taken from master only, then proceed merging all duplicate articles that are 100% identical in the fields that you specified and skipping all others for manual merging. Clicking more than 10 times on the merge button without looking at what you are merging makes zero sense. I may give it a go in November if there is demand for this plugin, or maybe someone comes up with something even better before then.
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    I must say the current tool to duplicate items that auto-selects each bundle is very nicely done. But it would be really great to be able to automatically merge items whose only difference is the "Accessed" field. I'm not a programmer, but this sort of sounds like something that could be done with javascript...
  • Is there any workaround? For example, exporting the database elsewhere, merging duplicates automatically, and reimporting it to Zotero?

    I prefer to lost records than to merge everything manually. I'd appreciate having this option.
  • @marcelparciak coded a java script at, which could merge in some automate degree
  • I also have thousands of duplicates. An automatic merging is a MUST to implement.
    I get that there might be some mistakes made, but to be honest when you have to merge 1000s of papers anyway, you don't review them one by one, you just click click click....
  • Still no auto merge ? Still awful yes !
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