Place of publication

I am using cite Them Right 10th - Harvard. When I create my bibliography, Zotero is omitting the place of publication for any books I have used even though the place is correct in the Zotero library. Please advise.

EG Bowe, R., Ball, S. J. and Gold, A. (2017) Reforming Education and Changing Schools: Case studies in policy sociology. Routledge.
  • The style is written to include place of publisher for item types other than thesis, article-journal, article-newspaper, and article-magazine. Double check that you are actually using the correct style in your Word document by clicking the Document Preferences button in the Zotero tab in Word. If the style is correct, go to the citation in your document, place your cursor inside, then click the Add/Edit Citation button. Click on the blue bubble for the item. Do you see a button to Show Item in My Library? If not, the citation is disconnected from your library. Delete it and reinsert from your library.
  • Thanks so much for this clear explanation. I have the issue sorted now.
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