IEEE youtube biblio output is wrong


IEEE does have a format for citing youtube videos but it doesn't work properly with current CSL

we have:

[#] Name of Person or Organization Who Posted in Title Case. (Year, Abbrev. Month Day). “Video Title in Title Case.” [YouTube video]. Available: site/path/file. Accessed Abbrev. Month Day, Year.

[36] HKUST Library. (2013, Oct. 9). “How to Cite in IEEE Style.” [YouTube video]. Available: Accessed Jun. 12, 2014.

[37] IEEE. (n.d.). “IEEE One Voice.” [YouTube video]. Available: Accessed Aug. 14, 2014.

Notes: IEEE has adapted its online guidance from APA. If IEEE doesn’t give guidance on the type of online resource that you have, default to APA. If there is no date for the web material, use (n.d.) for “no date” and provide an accessed date after the URL.

What is missing:
- Accessed
- video upload date (I think?)
- [YouTube video]
- Available:

tried editing CSL but have no idea what i'm doing - the CSL validator says
"Error: Bad value Video Recording for attribute type on element if from namespace
From line 195, column 7; to line 195, column 33
se>↩ <if type="Video Recording">↩ "
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