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edited April 2, 2021
Is it possible to give access to the public (or selected group) to use references in the Zotero library without giving access to edit or change anything?
Like a public library?
  • Absolutely yes. There are two different versions of this:
    1. You can just make your library -- or any group library -- public. That allows anyone on the web to see it online, (and drag references to their own library should they want to). No one else will be able to edit anything.
    2. You can use a group with any settings, i.e. including a private group, and don't allow item editing for group members (only admins). That way, group members can e.g. use reference from that group library using word processor integration. This method would, for closed or private groups, also allow you to share attached files, which isn't possible via public groups.
  • Hi Adam, Thanky ou for the reply. May I know where I can find the guideline/steps to do your #1 suggestion? if possible #2 too. Thank you again.
  • I don't know where specific guidance is (not saying it doesn't exist, it might). You can simply set your library to public here

    And you can do 2. for any group by clicking on "Manage Library" here
  • Thanks a heap. :)
  • Hello, I would like to share my library with the representative of a group as described by adamsmith in #2 above. I have added the private group to my account on

    Do I now have to drag my entire library into that group's library? Where should my colleague go to view my library?
  • Yes, you'll have to drag your items to the group. If you invite your colleague to the library it'll appear in his Zotero or you can send him a link to the web library just by copying its URL from your browsers's address bar.
  • How do I drag my folder structure to my colleague's group?

    This will place aliases for my items in his Zotero library, is that correct? Then he can use Zotero tools to search them, etc.?
  • No, if you share in a group, these are not aliases. They're copies.
    You can't drag your entire folder structure -- you'd have to drag the (top level) collections one-by-one.
  • Should I be able to drag a folder to my colleague's group on the Web interface? This does not seem to work in Safari?

    Are the items I share duplicated in my colleague's Zotero storage? Is there any additional burden on my storage?

    Do the items I share with my colleague synch to stay updated in Zotero? What if I add new items to a collection?
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