iOS/iPhone/iPad screen orientation

It would be great to have a screen menu which allows the user to easily switch between portrait and landscape viewing for the iOS app. This can be combined with quick zoom & fill screen options.

  • Not sure what you mean here. The iOS app obviously follows the orientation of your device.

    Are you referring to rotating PDF pages?
  • Sorry for the confusion. While the iOS follows the orientation, it doesnt change how it rescales the page. For example, while reading in portrait, the default zoom places the full page on the screen. When rotated to landscape, the same logic is applied resulting in a tiny page in the middle of the screen surrounding by tons of wasted horizontal space. I would want the zoom to change to fill the screen horizontally (and of course, loose the bottom of the page). Plus a menu to easily switch between some of these zoom options, without always having to manually try to zoom in/out.
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