Error Updating your Document

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I have tried all the steps mentioned in the troubleshooting file for resolving the error message mentioned in the title. But the issue persists, only for large word documents. Please help!
  • Thanks! I tried doing Step 10 but the problem persists. In fact, most of the times it seems if I restart Word or Zotero or move around the body of the document, the first 3 or 4 citations are fine. And then the problem reappears.
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    The point of Step 10 is to narrow down the document to the smallest possible section in which the problem appears, and then fix it (e.g., by reinserting a corrupted citation) — and then ideally share the original document excerpt with us so we can investigate.

    But are you saying it doesn't happen consistently with a specific section of the document?
  • Yes, exactly! I separated the sections but in new documents the problem occurs I have inserted a couple of references. I can share a small part of the document if that helps?
  • @adomasven will need to take a look.
  • @sayorig: What exact version of Word is this?
  • What citation style are you using? Where and how are you trying to insert the citation? Could you send us a snippet document where you can reproduce the problem?
  • I broke down the original word document into several files but the problem recurs in each one so I am guessing it is not about one particular broken reference. I have emailed a snippet document. The problem generally persists when I try inserting references in the footnotes. I am using the Chaicago author date 17th edition style.
  • Do you insert these footnotes manually? Does it matter if the footnotes are empty or if there is already text in them?
  • I select the 'Insert Footnote' option in Word. No, it doesn't matter if the footnotes have just that reference or other text.
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